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The wonderous magic of old Britains Toy Soldiers will be an investment, constantly increasing in value. Britains will be Treasures to many generations of little boys. From set 125 Soldiers that shoot (they actually do shoot) to the most rare set 131 British Army Presentation Set in it's own special wooden box all 275 pieces (a collectors most prized set).The FRENCH MADE Wm. Britains are amongst the most valuable The French Field Artillery Team; The French Army Supply Wagon, are the Hi-Lights of a collection of Wm. Britains playing War GAMES brought children to imagine hero's, battles, famous charges, Britains, created The Great War Game based on the book H. G. Wells wrote for his children FLOOR GAMES---see the Great War Game in our category Old Britains,children of all ages relive the past,in famous battles.....they become little generals themselves....... THE BRITAINS made 1893--1940 Referred as Pre-War are the most collectible of all Wm. Britains they continue to set record breaking prices at the Auctions of Christie's Britain Archive auction---Phillips rare Douglas Fairbanks jr.---Christie's Malcolm Forbes auction(see several Forbes sets) Old tin soldiers are a vanishing rarity as Britains are now made in China and the thousands of little boys rushing to Chistmas day to see the wonderous red boxes with the regmt's of England finest.......is now but a memory.....But the OLD TIN SOLDIER SHOPPE remains true to....our finest memories are our childhood memories. The Old Tin Soldier Shoppe specializes in old Britains ,collectible toys of Investment....and Remember the pleasure of owning"the romance of old toy soldiers.....they are increasing tremendously in value.....But most important.....
They Will Be Loved For Generations 
Jim Taylor founder